Co-pilot Cowl Pattern

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Co-pilot cowl worn with a Chewbacca t-shirt

Description of Co-pilot Cowl

Do you have a favorite co-pilot? I guess I do, because he inspired the Co-pilot cowl! One day I noticed that a yarn I had in my stash looked great with a Chewbacca sweater I bought at Disneyland. Of course I got to work right away. 

The slipped stitch texture of the cowl mimics Chewie’s fur and eliminates any color pooling from a variegated yarn. Yay for double duty! Shaping at the bottom of the cowl creates points at the front and back for interest.

This cowl looks good worn loose around the neck or pulled in snug and secured with a pin. I hold mine in place with a bobby pin and it works like a charm. The versatility makes it easy to wear during the in-between seasons. You can pull it up and pin it if it’s chilly, if it starts to warm up you can just unpin and let it fold over. 

Co-pilot Cowl is a fast and fun knit that uses less than a skein of fingering weight and it’s the perfect project for a highly variegated colorway if you’re anti-pooling. I hope you have fun knitting yours! Don’t forget to show me by using #copilotcowl 

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k2tog, m1L, m1R, ssk

(knit two together, make one left, make one right, slip-slip-knit)



27 sts & 39 rounds in 4 in (2.5 cm) in pattern stitch (Rounds 3-6 repeated)


i-cord cast on

i-cord bind off

co-pilot cowl laid flat
Co-pilot cowl close up

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