How to Make Every Knitting Project an Heirloom

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Over the last two decades I’ve knit more projects than I can count. I’ve also dropped plenty of my hand knits off at Goodwill.

I don’t regret any of the projects I didn’t keep because they made me the knitter I am today. However, these days I’m not interested in knitting anything that isn’t worth keeping. Here’s I’m a list of things I’m doing to ensure all my knits going forward are heirloom quality.

  1. Use the highest quality yarn you can afford. Things to consider when choosing yarn: Will this get fuzzy or pill with wear? Does it have enough elasticity to hold its shape over time? Will it create the type of fabric you want for this project?
  2. Choose your pattern wisely. It’s okay to choose a trendy pattern for an heirloom, everything comes back in style! A vintage knit will be a treasure when it comes back around. But it is important to keep the construction of the pattern in mind. Knitting a sweater in the round is quick and easy, but seams help the sweater hold it’s shape in the long run.
  3. Use proper finishing techniques. Join new colors and weave in ends without tying knots. Over the span of generations, a knot can come undone but a well-woven tail will stay in place forever.
  4. Take the time to ensure a good fit. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts if you don’t like the way it fits.
  5. Hand wash with the right soap. Even if the yarn says you can put it in the washing machine, you should hand wash. Use a soap made for hand washing knits, like Eucalan or Soak. Block the items back to the original measurements while drying.
  6. Store seasonal items clean and safe in the off season. Take the time to protect your knits from moths! Once the item is clean and dry, seal it in a zip top plastic bag, freeze for a few days, then store it in its bag until it is back in season.
  7. Treat your hand knits like the heirlooms they are. Don’t tie an heirloom sweater around your waist or use a hand knit throw as a picnic blanket.

What have I overlooked? I’d love to know how you elevate your knits to heirloom status!

Author: Kelly

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