How to Crochet a Tiny Star With Sharp Points in One Round

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These little stars are so fun to make! ⭐️ I learned this method sometime in the 00s from a blog called Wild About Color. The link is still in my bookmarks, but unfortunately the blog is no longer there.

I went online looking to refresh my memory and guess what? None of the tutorials I found produced the nice pointy points of this method. So, here you go! May this crochet star method live on for another round of hookers!

A red sweatshirt sleeve with crochet stars on the cuff.

I like to use these tiny crochet stars as appliqués. You could also make them into a garland, tie them on packages, glue them on hair clips…the possibilities are endless!

Here are the written instructions to crochet your own tiny stars. There’s also a video at the bottom of this post if you want to see the whole process. Heads up- the video doesn’t have any instructions- it’s just me crocheting a star in case you need a visual.

Materials: yarn of your choice and an appropriate size hook, yarn needle to weave in ends (optional- you can just tie a knot and cut the tails if you’re gluing it to something)

Skills: Magic ring, single crochet, double crochet, chain stitch, slip stitch (US terms)

{all steps are worked into the magic ring- this is a one-round project}

  1. Start with a magic ring. Pull up a loop and ch1.
  2. Make a point: sc, dc, ch2, slip stitch into the bump on the back of the second chain stitch from the hook, dc.
  3. Repeat step 2 four more times to make 5 points of the star.
  4. Cut yarn, leaving a 4-inch tail, and pull the yarn all the way through the last stitch.
  5. Pull the end of the magic ring to close the center.
  6. Pull the yarn tail to bring the last point and the first point of the star together.
  7. Now you can choose if you want to use a yarn needle and weave in the ends, or just tie the ends together and cut the tails off.

Here’s a video if you want to see me crochet a star:

I hope you have fun crocheting a galaxy of tiny stars with perfectly pointy points!

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