Block Your Knits With Moon Water

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Moon Water with shawl and crystals

Do you want to combine a little witchcraft with your knitting? Here’s a fun way to start. Infuse your knits with the energy of the moon by using moon water to wash or block items. You don’t need an entire tub of moon water, just add a little to your regular wash water. Since I’m more focused on the knitting, I found you this great article all about moon water. It even breaks down what kinds of energy to expect in each moon phase.

Make Moon Water For Blocking

First, you’ll need to make some moon water. Fill a clean container with fresh water. Use distilled or bottled water if you have it. I just use tap water, but I boil it first, which is probably unnecessary. 🤪 Next, set your intentions for the moon water. Think of what you’ll be blocking or washing with it. You could put intentions of love and happiness into an afghan you knit as a wedding gift. Did you make your kid a new hat to take with them to college? How about intentions of success and wisdom? You could knit yourself a self-confidence shawl and wear it when you need a boost. Now that you’ve put your intentions into the water, set it in the moonlight over night.

shawl soaking in moon water

Block Knits With Your Moon Water

Your moon water is now ready to use. Soak your knit item as you normally would when you’re washing or blocking, but add some of your moon water to the mix. For this shawl, I filled my sink with cool water and Eucalan, then I added about half a jar of moon water. From there, you just continue as you normally would. Don’t forget to put a layer of plastic under your item when you lay it out if you want it to dry a little faster. I have a trash bag that I cut open and use it over and over.

shawl drying after moon water soak

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    The shawl pictured in this post isn’t available as a pattern yet, but you may like my Everyone pattern which uses some of the same stitches.

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