Disney Knitting Pattern Bundle

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Disney Pattern samples

This bundle is not for the casual Disney fan! I put this bundle together for the knitters who LOVE Disney. This is for the knitters who want to put in some serious knitting time making sure they have the most amazing and unique outfits for their Disney trips. If you and your friends are into Disneybounding, you need this Disney knitting pattern bundle.

You can find the bundle deal on Ravelry and Etsy.

Why do I have SO MANY Disney patterns? I’ll tell you. When my family was RVing full-time, we always stayed in SoCal for extended periods because once we got to Disneyland, we didn’t want to leave! I started designing knits to wear on our weekly trips — because I’m nothing if not unique. It was so much fun to have something different than everyone else. In the summer I’d have to take my hat or shawl off for a few hours, but I could manage it for most of the day. Now you know what level I’m at — as a Disney fan and a knit-wearer. 🤣

The Disney Patterns

Evil Mistress

The Disney knitting pattern bundle includes 8 patterns, including 5 hats and 3 shawls. Check out the detail pages for each pattern at the following links.

Hat patterns: Sea Witch, Cat Hat, Chipmunks Acorn, Haunted Wallpaper, Pineapple Whip. Shawl patterns: Ariel, Warrior, Evil Mistress.

Chipmunks acorn hat Dale

The Yarns

Most of these patterns use Knit Picks yarn. Knit picks is one of my favorite places to get big-box yarn because the balance of quality and value can’t be beat. To see the details of the yarns I used in these Disney patterns, use the links below.

Knit Picks yarns: Palette, Wool of the Andes Worsted, Swish Worsted, and Stroll Tonal.

Cat Hat

How to Buy

On Ravelry, you’ll add all the patterns to your cart and the discount applies automatically at checkout. I’ve tried to make it easy for you by linking directly to the bundle so you have the correct 8 patterns right there. 

On Etsy, when you buy the Disney knitting pattern bundle all 8 patterns will be combined into 5 PDFs for you to download. Etsy limits the number of files to 5, so I combined a few of the patterns to make it work.

Free Pattern

I hope this Disney pattern bundle makes all your Disney knitting dreams come true! While you’re at it, go ahead and grab a free Disney knitting pattern below. My hidden Mickey hat, For the Love of Mouse!

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