Everywhen Shawl Pattern

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Everywhen shawl pattern

About Everywhen Shawl

The Everywhen shawl is an all-season triangle shawl with unique side-to-side shaping that makes for an engaging knit. This shawl starts as an asymmetrical triangle and through clever use of short rows, it morphs into an almost symmetrical triangle. You’ll love watching it change shape as you knit the short rows.

The textured stripes especially highlight the variegated yarn, so the Everywhen shawl is a perfect pattern for a special skein you’ve been saving. I love this stitch pattern so much that I’ve designed a series of shawls exploring the possibilities with it. The other two shawls are Everyone and Everywear. I have some more ideas, so the collection will probably keep growing!

Sample knit in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in Deep Unrelenting Gray and Total Eclipse of the Sun.

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 Make one left, make one right, yarn over, slip-slip-knit, wrap & turn short rows.



36 rows and 23.5 sts in 4 in (10 cm) in pattern stitch (rows 1-3: knit, row 4: purl)


Wrap & Turn Short Rows

everywhen shawl full view
everywhen shawl worn

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