DIY Tassel Stitch Markers Tutorial

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A rainbow of tassel stitch markers on a knitting needle.

Gather Supplies

These DIY tassel stitch markers make a fun little project with an adorable and useful end result. There’s a good chance you have everything you need on hand already! You’ll need “lightbulb” pins, embroidery floss (you could probably use lace weight yarn, too), scissors, and something to wrap the yarn around – I used a lip balm tube.

Create a Bundle of Loops

First, wrap the floss around your lip balm about 5 times.

Next,cut the thread and slide it off the lip balm. Be sure to pinch the whole bundle to keep all the loops intact.

Attach to Pin

Then slide an open pin through the center of your thread bundle. Position the thread at the small end of the closed pin, with the cut ends of the thread at the bottom (away from the pin).

Now, use a short piece of thread to tie a double knot around the bundle, make it nice and tight and right up against the end of the pin. Make sure to use a long enough thread that the tails will be the same length as your tassel when you’re done.

I didn’t like the way one tail from my knot stuck up insead of hanging down with the rest of the tassel. Here’s the fix if it bothers you, too. Push a needle through the knot from top to bottom.

Thread the offending tail through the eye of the needle and pull the needle down through the knot. Now all the threads are neatly in the direction of the tassel.

Trim the Tassel

Finally, cut the loops of your thread bundle so it finally looks like a tassel.

The ends won’t necessarily look nice at this point. Take your scissors and give it a trim.

Now you have an adorable stitch marker for your collection!

Why not make a whole set!?!

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