The 5 Essential Knitting Tools

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Here are my 5 essential knitting tools, a minimalist knitting kit if you will. These are the items I absolutely must have in my project bag if I’m not at home knitting.

The 5 Essential Knitting Tools

1. Foldable scissors. Obviously we need to be able to cut our yarn. I’ve used other tools in the past, but now that I have these I’ll never go back. When I used small scissors with a little protective cover on the end it would fall of in my bag. Not helpful. Then I tried a pendant yarn cutter. I was worried that my WIP would get caught on it and get cut when I pulled it out. Yarn cutting pendants are super cool for wearing, but I don’t keep one in my bag anymore. (The adorable clippy charm on my scissors is from Yank Your Yarn.)

2. A darning needle. You may know that I don’t always weave in my ends 😬, but I always keep a yarn needle with me. If I seriously mess something up and need to put stitches on waste yarn, the darning needle is a must. Sometimes I’ll finish a project on the go and the only thing left to occupy my time is to weave in the ends. And, finally, if a loose end starts showing on the knit I’m wearing, I can grab the yarn needle from my project bag and weave it in! 🤣

3. Removable stitch markers. These can be lifesavers. If I notice a dropped stitch, I’ll catch it with a stitch marker until I get back to it on the next row. I use them to mark rows so it’s easier to go back and count later. When fixing a mistake a few rows down, I’ll hold the live stitches on either side with stitch markers so I don’t drop them. Which brings us to…

4. A stitch fixing tool. This little tool has a hook on one end and a point on the other. I use it frequently. You could just keep a crochet hook in your kit, but it’s kind of nice to have a smaller tool to keep your essential kit compact.

5. A retractable tape measure. Trust me. You don’t want to spend a whole road trip knitting and then get home and find that your sleeve is 5 inches too long. All that glorious car knitting time gone to waste!

That’s it! My absolute must-haves for my project bag. I promise I have a million more notions than this, but these 5 essential knitting tools are all I really need.

If you’re looking for good take-along knitting patterns, I recommend Downtime or Inanna. Both give beautiful results with minimal counting and the knitting is easy to read if you forget where you left off.

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