Iron Man Yarn Color Palette

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Yarn color palette in red, black, yellow, and turquoise with Iron Man

Here is the Iron Man yarn palette I’ve come up with For a new sweater. Below are some pictures of my original Iron Man sweater. It was so much fun to knit! I still have pages and pages of handwritten notes from when I started to grade the pattern.

I brought my sweater to Disneyland and took some photos. I felt like Tony Stark. Don’t you think I need an updated version for when the new Marvel Land opens? My new Iron Man yarn palette includes black, which I think will be a nice update to go with the new Land!

This is one of my most detailed patterns. The saddle shoulders and reverse stockinette texture at the top of the arm mimic the pieces of Tony’s suit. It was based on the suit from the first movie, I’m thinking it’s probably called Mark II? Whether I do a shawl or a sweater, I’m definitely going to choose a suit with more gold this time.

The highlight was meeting Thor in my sweater. Who am I kidding, though? That would have been the highlight even without the sweater!

The Yarn I picked is Lang Yarns Jawoll in colors 4, 279, 61, and 339. It’s available on Love Crafts. I have color palettes picked out for some of my favorite lands at Disneyland, also. Check out my picks for Fantasyland and Frontierland.

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