The Funnest Knitting Group Online: The Band of Merry Knitters

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I’m committed to hosting the funnest knitting group online. Here’s why.

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My Knitting Before Social Media

When I was a new knitter, I didn’t have any knitting friends. This was before social media, so I would have had to venture out in the real world to find knitters. I was still learning and as a result, I thought I wasn’t a “real” knitter, so I was scared to try and find other knitters. Silly, right?

I was afraid to go into yarn shops because I didn’t know what to say when they asked what I was making with the skein I chose. What if my answer gave me away as a novice? 😬

When a cashier asked that question at the big craft stores it was scary, too. A lot of times I was just experimenting and I didn’t think that was an acceptable answer. Was I a comlete oddball in the knitting community? I was afraid of being laughed at or told I was wrong about everything. If only I had known there is no wrong way to be a knitter!

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My Knitting Online With Social Media

Eventually, I became a confident knitter, I started designing my own patterns, and found other knitters on social media. But I still felt like I didn’t quite fit in. It was as if all the other knitters knew each other and I didn’t know the secret password to get into their club.

Then there’s the issue of the time-suckiness of social media in general. I tried only looking at knitting groups instead of endless scrolling, but even then the algorithm made it hard to connect with other knitters. When I posted, it hardly got shown to anyone in the group because I wasn’t popular enough. My comments on other peoples’ posts were lost in a sea of one-word comments. Beautiful! Lovely! Gorgeous! It felt like such a waste of time. I gave up on social media, but I didn’t give up my dream of connecting with other knitters.

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Creating the Funnest Knitting Group Online

I created the Band of Merry Knitters to give us a private online knitting group, away from social media. We can knit together, share our projects and knowledge, make friends, and basically do all the fun knitting things we do. And I’m sending all the Merry Knitters a goody bag each month, too. It’s going to be so fun!

In the Band of Merry Knitters you’ll find:

  • a community space to make friends and share our knitting 
  • weekly knit nights via Zoom
  • a monthly Q & A session where you can ask me anything from knitting help to designing or anything else you want to chat about
  • a different free pattern every month
  • a goody bag (envelope!) sent in the actual mail
  • and in the near future I’d like to start hosting KALs and talks from special guests. 

I’m looking for knitters who are fun and inclusive to help make the Band of Merry Knitters the funnest knitting group on the internet. Enter your email address below and I’ll let you know when the group is ready (and enter you into a drawing for a yarn gift certificate!)

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Learn more about the Band of Merry Knitters and be entered to WIN!

You’ll be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Matchmaker Yarns when you join the waitlist to learn more about our new online knitting group!

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    P.S. I first came up with the name Merry Knitters for my Merry Knitters’ Bundle of Fun. It’s a free digital download that includes an exclusive shawl pattern, printable project sheets, and phone wallpapers drawn by yours truly. You can download it here.

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