Wrap and Turn Short Rows Tutorial

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everywear shawl with short rows

Wrap and turn short rows are one of my favorite shaping techniques in knitting. The technique is very straightforward and can be used in so many ways. One of the simplest uses for short rows is to raise the back of a sweater neckline up a little higher than the front of the neckline. There are many patterns that use short rows in much more elaborate ways as well. My shawl patterns Everywhen and Everywear use short rows to morph triangles as you knit. Additionally, this Wonder Woman Wrap uses short rows in a fun and unique way. (Ravelry links)

Check out my free headband pattern if you’re looking for a way to practice wrap and turn short rows. You’ll get to see first hand how short rows change the shape of your knitting. Short rows make this headband wider on top and narrower at the bottom. The pattern also includes written instructions for how to work the short rows in case you need a reminder.

You can practice wrap and turn short rows with any scrap yarn you have on hand. If you want to knit the headband, you’ll need about 30 yards of sport weight yarn.

Knit Wrap and Turn Short Rows

everywear shawl with short rows

Short rows are a useful shaping technique used in knitting. This tutorial will show you how to do the wrap and turn method of knitting short rows.


  1. wrap and turn step 1 Knit to the location of the first wrap.
  2. Slip the next stitch purlwise from the left-hand needle to the right-hand needle.
  3. Bring the working yarn forward.
  4. Slip the stitch from Step 2 back to the left-hand needle, then turn your work.
  5. wrap and turn step 5 The working yarn will be at the back of your work. If you're on a knit row, just start knitting. If you're on a purl row, bring the working yarn forward and purl as usual.
  6. When you come to a wrapped stitch, you'll knit the wrap with the stitch. This makes the wrap invisible.
  7. wrap and turn step 7 Insert the needle under the wrap and then into the stitch as usual. Knit the wrap and stitch together.
  8. wrap and turn final look Here is a close-up of the sample swatch. Short rows are a versatile shaping technique that can be used to create endless looks, this is a simple example to teach the basic technique.

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